OZORA Festival 2011 (Official Video)

The official OZORA Festival video from 2011.

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Enjoy the video, we hope it brings back good memories! For those who were not there: ozorafestival.eu – don’t miss the next one!!
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Solar Fields – Summer (Ultimae Rec. 2007)
Ozric Tentacles – Xingu (Stretchy Rec. 2001)
Sun Control Species & Behind Blue Eyes – Second Sunrise (Iboga Rec. 2010)
Suntree – Techno Shock (Audioalchemist Rec. 2010)
Entheogenic – Liquid Universe (Universal Symbiosis Rec. 2008)
Shpongle DMT remix (Twisted / T.I.P. Rec. 2000)
Asura – Everlasting (Altar Rec. 2011)
Penta – Computer Technology (AuraQuake Rec. 2011)
Logic Bomb – Unlimited (Ozora Edit) (T.I.P. Rec. 2011)
Star Sounds Orchestra – Sultana’s Delight (Yellow Sunshine Explosion Rec. 2004)
Mindwave & Sphera – Perception (IONO Music 2011)
Gaudium & Ace Ventura – In Between (Iboga Rec. 2011)
Protonica – Refresh (IONO Music 2010)
Vertex & Pion – Sunrise Tonic (Liquid Soul rmx) (Perfecto Rec. 2011)
Tripswitch – Stereogram (Section Rec. 2010)


a film by PUMPUI……Attila Nikléczy, Erik Kocsis
produced by……Dániel Zimányi, Attila Nikléczy, Erik Kocsis
concept by……Erik Kocsis, Ágnes Pataky
camera……Julia Halász, Csaba Mecseki, János Jack, Péter Böszörményi, Ádám Bedzsula, Serhan Meewesse, Harris aka vj lightsoulja, Erik Kocsis, Júlia Nagy & Attila Nikléczy
additional footage…Matt Cameron-Wilton, Vjatseslav Detjonoshev
editing……Miklós Gerdelics, Ádám Bedzsula, Erik Kocsis
sound editing & mixing……
dj Görgő (Gergely Csaki) facebook.com/gorgo.dj
dj Tsubi (Csaba Gyócsos) facebook.com/djtsubi
colorist……Dávid Ebner